Try Oil Pulling!

I recently discovered oil pulling.  Oil what?

Oil pulling is an age-old remedy started in India thousands of years ago that uses oil to clean, detoxify, and nourish teeth and gums; it also whitens teeth. Oil pulling removes excessive and bad bacteria from your mouth, which also helps with detoxification of the entire body.  It is well known that bacteria in the mouth can lead to other health related problems besides gum disease.


How Do You Do It?

Basically you swish a teaspoon or two of oil – coconut, sesame and olive oil work best – in your mouth for up to twenty minutes.  Ten to fifteen is okay too, but twenty is optimal to break down plague and root out bacteria.  After you spit out  (in a paper bag if you are concerned about your plumbing), rinse with warm salt water and brush as usual.  Oil pulling is best done first thing in the morning before breakfast.  Twenty minutes is a long time to spend swishing, so I use that time to go about my morning routine, all while swishing, and before you know it you’re done.  My husband loves the quiet while I swish!


How Does It Work?

Unlike mouthwash, oil is viscous and therefore picks up saliva and pulls out bacteria while it works its way deep into the crevices of your gum tissues. The oil cuts through plaque and removes toxins without disturbing the teeth or gums. Be careful not to swallow the oil because you will reintroduce the bacteria back into your body.


My dentist always mentions my inflamed gums and deep pockets, so I decided to give oil pulling with coconut oil a try. photo (4)It takes a little getting used to, but it’s not bad.   I swished for several weeks before a second appointment with my periodontist. She noticed that my gums were less inflamed than previously, and when I mentioned that I had been oil pulling, which she had never heard of, she wouldn’t exactly attribute the decrease in swelling to the oil pulling.  She did say however, to keep it up if I thought it was working.

Oil pulling is an easy practice to help heal teeth and gums and one that possibly benefits your entire system.  I love how clean and glossy my teeth feel after swishing too!  Why not give it a try and let me know what you think!


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18 thoughts on “Try Oil Pulling!

  1. i started swishing with coconut oil 2 months ago and have noticed a big difference. i have significantly less bleeding when i floss. my teeth feel as if i have just returned from the dental hygenist’s afterward – so clean! i can’t wait for my next dentist appt. to see if my # 6 pockets are now 4 or 5. i bet they are. great tip, as always – thanks, betsy!

  2. Betsy I have been pulling with coconut oil for a little over a month. I think it makes perfect sense and am seeing results as well! An ancient practice that has merit today.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lynn Bragdon

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  4. I’ve tried this once but I stopped because gargling for 20 minutes makes me want to throw up. Can you recommend or suggest any idea for my problem?

    • Thanks for commenting! The first time you oil pull can cause you to gag, but it’s just like anything else. You have to get used to it. Try it again just for a couple of minutes, then build up to 15 or 20 minutes. I bet after a few days it won’t bother you. Be sure and let me know! By the way, are you the billy Johnson who works for BTP?

      Good luck!

  5. yeah, I just tried this! but I may have to do it at night, after dinner, since morning is filled with Sammy, etc. yes, my teeth do feel ‘clean and glossy’!! will keep you informed how my gums feel after several weeks…


  6. How did it go? I’m really curious if it really works. I’ve seen many sites contradicting each other with the benefits, if it really works, side effects, etc. I guess I don’t have a choice but to try it myself! LOL! I’ll try it later then…

    • I like oil pulling. It makes my teeth feel so clean, white and smooth. I’ve never had any reaction and can’t imagine that you would. Give it a try and see what you think. Swish for ten minutes or so, no more than twenty. Once you get over the initial sensation, it’s no big deal.

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