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What Have You Done?

‘And so this is Christmas . . . what have you done?’
John Lennon, singer

As 2015 draws to a close, think about the new green habits you have incorporated into your daily life.  Did you recycle more? Start composting?  Think of clever ways to reuse an old soda bottle? Take public transportation, walk or bike more and drive less? Cut back on meat consumption? Support local farmers?  Start using organic household and personal care products? Find a non-toxic dry cleaner?

Whatever you do to make your lifestyle greener, doesn’t it make you feel good to know you are doing a small part to protect this beautiful earth of ours? In 2016, consider doing just a little more. Remember, what’s good for the earth is good for you and what’s good for you is good for the earth.

I’d love to hear about your new green habits!  Email me so we can share them with other readers…..

Have a happy holiday and a healthy 2016!!!

A Holiday Thought…..

Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.

Dr. Seuss 


This year, slow down and take pleasure in the simple beauty of the season – baking holiday treats and meals, listening to Christmas carols in front of a roaring fire, decorating your home with special ornaments and lots of winter greens and berries, “green” wrapping your gifts, reaching out to those in need, and of course spending precious time with family and friends.  Celebrate with old traditions, embrace new ones and be grateful for your blessings.

I’m definitely taking pleasure in my kids’ visits who come from far and wide, and as much as I love blogging, I don’t want to miss a minute with them.  So, I’ll resume sending you exciting new green tips after the New Year.  For green holiday ideas, check out last year’s Green Your Holidays. 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a green and healthy 2014.

Green Your Holidays!

Don’t let your “green” habits fall by the wayside this holiday season.  Instead incorporate them into your usual holiday plans.  Here are some suggestions.

  • Christmas tree

    For your holiday feast, support local farmers who grow organic meat and produce – an organic heritage turkey is unbelievably moist and delicious. Incorporate vegetarian options as well.

  • Buy a pesticide-free Christmas tree. Some growers use 40 different pesticides and colorants.  You can find no or low pesticide trees at some of the local tree farms and they always last longer when you cut them yourself.  There is controversy about which is more environmentally friendly, a fake or a real tree, and there are arguments for both, but you can’t beat the smell of a freshly cut tree.  After the holidays, recycle your tree. Many cities offer programs to turn trees into mulch or woodchips. (visit for information)
  • Lots of fresh greenery and berries make beautiful, natural decorations!
  • Energy efficient “LED” lights use 90% less energy than conventional holiday lights and are also less expensive for you.  You can recycle your old incandescent ones at You can find LED lights at Target, Costco and most major retailers.
  • Mass produced wrapping paper is beautiful and convenient, but usually ends up being thrown away. Make your own holiday wrapping paper instead, which is greener, more personal and doesn’t have to be time-consuming.  Holiday dish towels, colorful scarves or bandanas, newspaper sections, old maps, or even plain brown paper tied with a colorful bow and some greenery cut from your backyard make great wrapping paper. If every family wrapped just three gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.
  • Gifts to your favorite charity are much-needed in this economy and not only make you feel good, but obviously cut down on waste.
  • Green experiences like restaurant gift certificates, cooking classes, theater or concert tickets, or memberships to sports clubs are meaningful, waste-free presents.

Feel good this holiday season knowing you are taking simple “green” steps that make a big difference!


Image by Peter Wild

“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.”

 ~Author Unknown

So…… it’s time to stop shopping and spending money.  Enjoy time instead with your family and friends, visit a poor or lonely person in your life, bake holiday treats and think about all the green changes you have incorporated and will incorporate into your lifestyle.  Have a very happy holiday!!


The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping.  In these tough economic times with so many Americans unemployed, consider buying “Made in America” products. American manufacturing companies have especially been affected by the economic downturn and it’s important for each of us to do what we can to help turn this around.

Most of our home goods, clothes, shoes, appliances, computers, trinkets, etc. are made in China and other Asian countries.  We buy them because not only are they usually the only option, but also they are cheaper.  But at what cost?  Lost jobs here in America?  Products made in sweatshops using child labor and unfair labor practices?  Poor quality? Listed below are several websites with directories of American made products, a couple of which list products made in each state.

Think outside the box

Image via Wikipedia

One of my readers sent me an email about “think outside the box” gifts like gift certificates for an oil change, car detailing, a cleaning lady, gym memberships, local restaurants, a babysitter, tree care, cooking class, concerts, plays, ballet, etc…  The ideas are endless and all help support small, local businesses.  You can’t get more “Made in USA” than that!  Besides, who really needs more things around the house that just have to be cleaned, dusted, stored, managed, recycled or sent to the landfill?  Plus, you’ll be reducing your environmental impact with “think outside the box” gifts!

This year think differently and support “Made in USA”.  Another simple step that can make a difference…