What's Green with Betsy?!?

One of my readers contacted me for a natural solution to a common but embarrassing problem, smelly feet.  Sweaty feet and foot odor are quite common, especially among dancers, athletes or as the hot weather sets in.  Wearing shoes and socks that don’t breathe or rough, dry skin on your feet can promote foot odor.  Bromhidrosis, foot odor, is due to bacteria that breed and multiply in warm feet, socks, and shoes.  The soles of your feet have thousands of sweat glands that produce perspiration, which can breakdown in contact with certain bacteria, causing an odor.

Bunions, hammertoe, fallen arches, excessive perspiration and odor, or toenail fungus require a visit to the podiatrist.  There are several simple things you can do however, to prevent ordinary foot odor. Clean your feet regularly with a scrubber and soak them in salt to prevent calluses.  Choose open toed shoes or sandals during the…

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