Eco-Friendly Travel

Occasionally a fellow blogger will ask to do a guest post on my blog.  I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of supporting other bloggers, especially with the same message.   The post below is written by Sam Marquit, an independent “green” contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value. His post is about environmentally responsible tourism, an important topic in this mobile world of ours. 


Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past, I have been lucky enough to have the funds to build my own home.  I used green building materials to create an eco-friendly home. What makes me more interested in environmentally design is how these buildings are used. In recent years, more tourism companies are becoming more interested in developing sustainable ways to run their businesses. Tourists are also joining in this pursuit. As a result, more tourism agencies around the world are offering environmentally friendly tours and hotels are reaching for LEED certification.

In Asia, there are more events and opportunities that offer community engagement. These programs are dedicated to resource efficiency and wildlife conservation. By focusing on cultural preservation and community development, they are able to create a responsible approach to tourism. There is now an event known as the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award. This award provides recognition for companies that provide Asian-based accommodation. Each award is for a different topic ranging from wildlife conservation to resource efficiency.

To receive one of these awards, Asian-based businesses have to do things like serve local foods. They could install faucets and shower heads that are designed to conserve water by shutting off automatically. A top spot for many tourists is Las Vegas. Long known for its status as “Sin City”, Las Vegas is actually developing some of the best eco-friendly resorts. The most eco-friendly hotel in America is located in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Palazzo reuses its own waste and has other elements installed to reduce their carbon footprint. While these efforts are a step in the right direction with the construction of new green hotels in Las Vegas. More organizations need to use the same procedures.

In New York City, hotels are starting to catch on to the theme of environmental sustainability. These hotels are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and developing a self-sustaining design. They are also notable for their waste recycling facilities. The Ink48 Hotel even developed a program known as Earthcare. At this facility, members can meet and discuss ways to have a positive impact on the planet. It is through programs like these that the landscape of tourism is changing. As more individuals become enlightened about the environment, additional hotels will change their design.

Even though the world has a long way to go toward environmental sustainability, there are changes taking place now that will have an impact. In Las Vegas, there are 124,000 hotel rooms available. The 40,000,000 visitors to the city could begin making an impact on the environment by choosing to stay at hotels that are environmentally friendly. Each traveler has the chance to vote with his or her wallet. If enough people demand environmentally sustainable lodging, hotels will have an incentive to adjust.


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