LED Light Bulbs – Their Time Has Come

Just as we all have made the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (I hope!), along come LED light bulbs, which are now the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.  And they are affordable!

LED bulbs last about 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 3 times longer than CFLs. LED bulbs and diodes have a life time operational expectation of about 30,000 hours, or 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of 50%.  Imagine not changing a light bulb but once every 20 years or more!

What’s more, you can cut your electric bill by 80 – 90%.  With a LED bulb, at least 60% of the electrical energy is converted to light.  Conventional incandescent bulbs convert 20% or less into light and the rest is lost as heat, which is why they are so hot to touch.

There are also more advantages.   CFL bulbs take a few minutes to brighten.  LEDs are bright immediately.  The color of the LED lights has improved immensely too – you can choose either whiter or warmer bulbs. And they are durable and dimmable.

Unlike CFLs, which contain toxic mercury, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals with zero UV emissions.

I just bought the CREE home LED bulb from Home Depot.  It looks almost exactly like a conventional bulb and only cost $10. CFL bulbs were a great interim energy-saving bulb, but now it’s time to make the switch to the eco-friendly LED light bulb.  You will pollute less and save money – you and the earth have everything to gain!

Information compiled from The New York Times New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs,By DAVID POGUE Published: March 20, 2013,





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  1. very exciting!!!


  2. Thanks for the information, Betsy.


  3. So glad for this information! Will have to see if we can now buy them over here in Italy too! Thanks!


  4. […] LED Light Bulbs – Their Time Has Come […]


  5. The main advantage of LED bulbs where this is better than CFL light is lit solely by the movement of electrons like.
    1. They have no filament that will burn out,
    2. They contain no mercury or other toxic substances. LED bulb don’t get especially hot and use a much higher percentage of electricity for directly generating light.


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