Green Holiday Shopping

I love the way life moves in the right direction – it’s getting so much easier to find eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, sustainably made products that don’t impact the earth. Below is a list of green websites to help you with your holiday shopping (and beyond). is an eBay company for online shoppers and sellers, who have pledged to buy, sell and think green.  It features eco-friendly, sustainably made and resource-saving products available on According to the website description, is positive for people, environment, animals and causes.

Ethical Ocean, based in Toronto, is an online marketplace for ethical products and services from around the world.  Their tagline says it all – “own what’s good”

EcoMall is an online directory of companies and products as well as a green living magazine. Easy to navigate, it lists hundreds of green products and services.

“ A place to help save the earth” …

National Green Pages is a “directory of products and services for people and the planet”.  It works like a phone book and lists major eco-responsible companies like Patagonia and Seventh Generation.  It also features local stores. is a comprehensive international guide to finding organic or environmentally friendly businesses. Some have online stores while others are physical storefronts in your local community.

I have to put a plug in for my daughter’s company, Where…. Earth Friendly Fashion.  She restructures vintage and recycled clothing into today’s styles.  Each piece is hand sewn, one of a kind and most incorporate beautiful antique lace!  Check it out!

There are many more websites featuring eco-responsible products and services, but this should get you started.  Remember to request minimal and plastic-free  packaging when ordering online!



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  1. Love the work your daughter is doing. You must be very proud.


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