Choose a Green Spa!

Do you yearn for a break from the routine? Feeling tired, stressed and overworked? Need a little pampering? Is you skin in need of extra care after the summer sun?  Relaxation and rejuvenation at a spa might be just what you need, but before you book your next massage or facial, check to see if your spa is eco-friendly with sound green practices.   Relaxing in a heavily chlorinated hot tub or jacuzzi or getting a facial with synthetically derived products containing known carcinogens is not my idea of rejuvenation!

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What makes a spa green?  Several things…

  • Green spa massage oils and facial products use high quality, natural ingredients without toxins like parabens or lauryl sulfates. They are gentler on your skin and help ensure long-term health and beauty.
  • Green spa interiors are decorated with green products like bamboo, non-toxic paint and flooring that won’t off gas chemicals.
  • Green spa robes, sheets and towels are made from natural fiber like organic cotton, bamboo or silk, grown and manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals and under environmentally friendly conditions.
  • If water or food is served, the water is filtered and the food locally sourced or organic.  Reusable or compostable plates, cups and flatware are also used.
  • Air filters rid the air of allergens and pollutants and plants are around to add natural beauty and help clean the air.
  • There are no chemical scents from cleaning or laundry products – environmentally friendly products scented with essential oils are used instead.
  • Green spas employ efficient water use, waste prevention and reduction, and recycling programs.  Low flow toilets are part of the program.
  • Green spas offer a balanced and relaxing experience considering the rhythms of nature and the body.

Sound more appealing? Go to to find a green day spa or resort near you.  For you readers in the Boston area, I highly recommend trying GOHSPA ( spa), a vegan spa opening soon in Woburn, MA.  I’ve known the owner for years and used to get her fabulous organic facials.  The list of gluten-free certified services is both extensive and novel including holistic facials, organic massage, organic nail services, hair removal with paraffin alternatives, alternative health care like Tui Na and tuning forks, kid spa treatments and more!

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  1. I totally agree Betsy! The natural products work so much better too. I did not have the greatest skin. I dealt with acne and breakouts for years, even in adulthood I am so happy to have found a place in my town – the Whole Body Spa in Westford, MA. The owner is fabulous and only uses the best most natural (organic in many cases) ingredients. She knows her stuff and I trust her. She also offers her own line of cleansers and makeup! I love knowing that if I buy it from Cheryl, I don’t have to do hours or days of researching myself. I have been going to her for over a year and little by little have switched my products to hers. My skin is sooooo much better! I really believe that the pure ingredients help!

    I have already taken my daughter to her for a facial and to get her started with good products from the beginning.


    • Thank you Kristina! I’ve been using natural products for years and I can’t imagine anything else. I’m happy you found an organic spa near you and you are seeing real results!


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