Earth Month Contest Winners

Thank you to all you readers who entered the Earth Month Contest!  I  enjoyed reading everyone’s green ideas and am thrilled to see so many people incorporating green habits into their life.

The winners are:

Ashley Bunker of Brewster, Ma, wrote that she now uses a Brita Water Filter; turns off the water when she brushes her teeth and only turns it on to rinse; and joined, a website dedicated to recycling which offers prizes as well.  Check out Ashley’s blog, the where “family, fun, food, and fashion meet frugality”.

Pam Budner of Winchester, MA reuses her ziplock plastic bags and rinses them with Basic-H2 biodegradeable cleanser.  She pours leftover green tea on her houseplants and watches them flourish.  No more fertilizer for Pam!  And when she plants new plants, she always keeps the plastic markers that are stuck in the pot and puts them in a gardening file.  That way, she always knows what she has planted and keeps the markers out of the recycle bin and landfill.  Pam is a health care coach and Shaklee representative.  Go to for more information.

Nissa M., the cloth diaper guru, posted that she exclusively uses cloth diapers to reduce waste, she has removed chemicals from her life – she now uses non-toxic cleansers and is converting to an organic lawn – and she is learning how to compost.   She also set up rain barrels for her garden. This mother of a 21 month old has a PhD in biomedical research and has learned just about everything she can about cloth diapering! Check out her blog at

Congratulations to the winners and to all other readers who are making positive changes in their lifestyles.  Keep going greener!


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  1. Congratulations to the winners! I’m heading over to check out each of your blogs.


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