Earth Month Contest

As you can tell, I am passionate about going green and raising awareness about what each of us can do to help the earth and improve our own health and well-being at the same time.  Earth month is a good reason to go green or better yet, go greener, and continue growing.

In honor of Earth Month, I am conducting a contest.  Send me a couple of sentences about three green newly adopted habits that have made a noticeable impact on your life and how.  I will choose the top three responses and post them on my blog. We all inspire and learn from each other, so it’s important to share your responses.   In addition, I will send the top three contestants one of my “What’s Green with Betsy” reusable market bags made of recycled cotton and printed by my daughter’s cottage business, The drawing will take place on May 1. 

It will be fun discovering new green tips and getting to know my readers. Contact me with questions.

Feel good knowing that you are doing your part…. Happy Earth Month!



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  1. Posted by amy nachman on April 17, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    1. i went from buying plastic bottles to a brita water filter. i feel better not having excessive waste even if it is recyclable.
    2. i began composting my bananas and milk cartons- again less waste, helping san francisco with theri compost pile.
    3. i turn off my water as i suds up all my dishes , then turn it on just for rinsing. i turn off my water when i brush my teeth. i feel better with these behavioral adjustments.
    my post is really boring.


  2. Posted by gail on April 17, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Nice Bag!!!


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  4. Here are a few things I have done:
    (1) I bought a Brita Pitcher during a killer sale at CVS, and have been using said pitcher ever since 🙂
    (2) I turn the water off when I brush my teeth, and only turn it back on to rinse.
    (3) I joined a website that focuses on getting the world to recycle and be green.


    • Thanks Ashley for responding and entering the contest. Those are three great things. In fact, I have never heard of and am glad to know of it, so thank you. I’ll be doing the drawing on May 1 and will let you know. Keep up the good work!



    • HI Ashley –

      You have been chosen as one of the Earth Month Contest winners! Congratulations!
      I am writing a post with the winners ideas and will send you a market bag. Send me your address (in a private email) and I will mail you one. Also, what is your blog address so that I can post that as well if you want.

      Thanks for entering my contest!



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  6. 1. I rinse out my ziplock plastic bags with a little Basic-H2, turn them inside out and then let them air dry. Then I can use them again.
    2. I make a pot of green tea in the morning, whatever is left over in the pot I pour into soil on houseplants–they flourish beautifully and I never have to use regular plant food.
    3. When I’m planting new plants, I always save the plastic markers that are stuck in the pots, and put them in a gardening file. Keeps those out of the recyle bin and then I can remember what I’ve planted as well!


    • Great ideas Pam! I will start pouring my remaining green tea on my houseplants – I love that!

      Thanks for entering the contest. Happy Earth Day!!


      • Congratulations Pam! You are one of the Earth Month Contest winners! I’ll post your ideas and bring you a bag!

  7. Posted by Cloth Diaper Guru on April 29, 2012 at 12:34 am

    I just found your blog through a comment of yours on Earth Day blogs! I’m excited to read some great “green” tips. We have done a lot to go green at our house. The three majors ones are:
    1. Cloth diapering. We are reducing our waste by exclusively cloth diapering our daughter, and any more kiddos to come! See my blog about it at wordpress :).
    2. Removing chemicals from our lives! We have stopped using all chemical cleaners inside our house, and have cut back to only using crab grass preventer on the lawn. Hubby refuses to do the corn gluten for the yard, it didn’t work very well our first year trying it but I’d be open to giving it another shot.
    3. Composting. This is new for us this year. So far it’s going OK, we still have a lot to learn and since we just started it a few months ago it’s hard to assess how well it’s working!

    We are also planning to set up some rain barrels, and are working on planting native shrubs and perennials in the yard!

    Thanks for spreading the word about green living, we have loved the changes. I’ve found that going green has saved us a lot of money as well!


    • Great green things you are doing. I’m so glad you mentioned cloth diapers! I also did cloth diapers years ago, but since my kids are grown (my kids are 26, 23, 22) it is off my radar, but an important point.

      Tell you husband to be patient with the lawn. Men love their lawns. Crabgrass (and all weeds really) are a symptom of poor soil. Once the soil is corrected through the use of organics, your weeds will be less. Crabgrass grows where nothing else will, like in hot areas near the sidewalk. You can pour hot boiling water or coca cola over it to kill it – it may take a few times. In reality, with an organic lawn you have to learn to live with a few weeds. The fact that your yard is safe for your children to play on is well worth having a few weeds. Weeds can be beneficial too. Clover for instance brings nitrogen to your soil.

      You are so right about going green saves you money. Of course. There is no need to buy expensive chemical products. With an organic lawn, you have to mow less and water less, ultimately saving you money.

      I enjoyed reading your blog as well. Keep up the good work.



    • Congratulations! You have been chosen as one of the Earth Month Contest winners!
      I am writing a post with the winning green tips and include a link to your blog. I will send you a market bag as well. Send me your mailing address (in a separate email) and I will mail you one.

      Thanks for entering!


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