The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping.  In these tough economic times with so many Americans unemployed, consider buying “Made in America” products. American manufacturing companies have especially been affected by the economic downturn and it’s important for each of us to do what we can to help turn this around.

Most of our home goods, clothes, shoes, appliances, computers, trinkets, etc. are made in China and other Asian countries.  We buy them because not only are they usually the only option, but also they are cheaper.  But at what cost?  Lost jobs here in America?  Products made in sweatshops using child labor and unfair labor practices?  Poor quality? Listed below are several websites with directories of American made products, a couple of which list products made in each state.

Think outside the box

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One of my readers sent me an email about “think outside the box” gifts like gift certificates for an oil change, car detailing, a cleaning lady, gym memberships, local restaurants, a babysitter, tree care, cooking class, concerts, plays, ballet, etc…  The ideas are endless and all help support small, local businesses.  You can’t get more “Made in USA” than that!  Besides, who really needs more things around the house that just have to be cleaned, dusted, stored, managed, recycled or sent to the landfill?  Plus, you’ll be reducing your environmental impact with “think outside the box” gifts!

This year think differently and support “Made in USA”.  Another simple step that can make a difference…


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  1. If you want to check out a site that has green products, you can look at – It has a whole green products section. I love your daughter’s etsy page!


    • Thank you for responding to my post! What a great company – I’m so glad to know about it. I’m glad you like my daughter’s etsy site. She is quite creative and really trying to make a go of it. Spread the word – we are all in this together. Thanks again.



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