Lawns, we love them and we hate them.  They add beauty to the landscape and are a playground for our kids and pets.  They also take a lot of time, money and toxic chemicals, especially if you want that golf course look.  These chemicals seep into the soil, the water table and the air. Our children and pets play on those chemicals where they are tracked inside with no sun or wind to break them down.

Organic lawns are the safer way to go, but you have to be able to tolerate a few weeds as your lawn transitions to a chemical free lawn.  Weeds are a symptom of poor soil. Crabgrass for instance grows where grass won’t, like near the driveway.  Once the soil is corrected and a deeper root system develops to encourage thicker turf, weeds will eventually be crowded out.

If weeds really bother you, there are several non-toxic remedies for eliminating them like using cider vinegar. For recipes, click here.   But for those of you who prefer to buy a ready made product, I just discovered an all natural organic weed control called Garden Weasel Crabgrass Killer.  Its active ingredient is cinnamon bark and is effective in killing crabgrass, chickweed, clover and other similar weeds.  Garden Weasel AG crabgrass control is safe around people, pets and the environment and is easy to use.  Just wet the area you want to treat with water and then sprinkle the product.  It will only kill the active crabgrass and weeds, not the grass or seeds.  You can order it online from

So, make the change this year to an organic lawn.   Everyone benefits from safer lawns.


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  1. Posted by pat sparkman on December 1, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    this weed killer was just recommended to me, but nothing specifically states it is safe for plants and my banana trees in which there is this crab grass.


    • Hi Pat – Thanks for responding to my blog. What weed killer are you referring to? I’d be happy to try and answer your question. I just need a little more information. Thanks –



  2. Sorry Pat. I assume you are talking about the Garden Weasel Crabgrass Killer I refer to in my post. It should not affect your banana plant since it kills crabgrass and other small weeds. Here is the link to the FAQ about the product which should answer your specific questions. Good luck…


  3. Posted by Pat Sparkman on September 5, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    I emailed you a while ago. I have that grass weed that has very long underground roots. Actually I have to dig it up which is close to impossible as it has taken over my yard. At this point I do not know what I was referring to, i.e., the above but I know it was not the one you mention. Any help would be most appreciate as I am dying in this root!!


    • Hi Pat –

      Thanks for contacting me. First off, where do you live? Fall is a good time to renovate your lawn, so hopefully you can get this overwhelming weed under control. Can you send a picture of it so that I can better understand your problem? Then we can go from there.

      Thanks –



  4. Posted by Pat Sparkman on September 11, 2013 at 12:10 am

    And it isn’t in the lawn, it grows everywhere else and has over taken flower beds and my banana.


    • It sounds like you have a very difficult problem. Have you tried using straight apple cider vinegar on the weeds? It may take a few times to work, but it’s worth a try. Also, it is probably a good idea to contact your local horticultural extension for their advice and to ask them what this crazy invasive plant is. Good luck and Keep me posted!


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