I’ve discovered a few unusual, useful and inexpensive “green” finds that make great stocking stuffers.

  • The Spaghetti Scrub.  This is the best scrubbie I have ever used.  It doesn’t get moldy or mildewed, doesn’t need soap, doesn’t fall apart, dries quickly, lasts for a long time and works like magic! It looks like spaghetti and is made from a strong cotton/polyester fabric base with natural abrasive material added like corncobs, peach pits or walnut shells.  The peach pit is for gentle scrubbing (glasses, wooden cutting boards), the corncob is for coarse scrubbing (pots and pans), and the walnut shells for extra coarse scrubbing (grills).
  • Reusable mesh produce bags.  Food and plastic should never be used together and mesh produce bags are a great alternative to the plastic ones in the grocery store.  These bags are made from hemp, cotton and recycled plastic, which restrict airflow and lock in moisture. They come in a set of three bags with different fabrics designed for optimum preservation of different types of produce. Keep with your other reusable shopping bags and don’t forget to wash them to keep bacteria from harboring.
  • Recycled reading glasses from ICU made from recycled plastic.  Since I buy so many pairs of reading glasses, it makes me feel better buying recycled ones.  It’s also gratifying to buy items actually made from recycled plastic and nice to know that our recycling efforts are actually worth it.

My son said to me, “where on earth do you find these things?”  Want to know? Email me at betsywild@gmail.com and I will help you find these and other green items.

For my New England readers, or for those who love Boston, a beautiful book entitled, Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces by Meg Muckenhoupt makes a lovely gift.  This very thorough and comprehensive account of Boston’s green spaces covers them all – from the Emerald Necklace to the Harbor Walk, to the Big Dig parks and neighborhood parks to healing parks, green buildings and community vegetable gardens.  There are over 150 beautifully photographed sites in the Greater Boston area with text focusing on the origins and reinvention of public space. For only $25.00, this is must give for nature lovers and those interested in Boston’s heritage.  Available in independent bookstores as well as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.

Let me know what you think!

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