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A diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables is much touted today as a means to living a healthy, disease resistant life.  One easy and delicious way to get your minimum daily requirements of fruits and vegetables is to juice.  How?  With a juicer, which separates the liquid from the fiber and is different from a blender. You put whole carrots, apples or beets into the juicer to extract the juice.  Fresh juice provides the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are vital to life.  The rich supply of antioxidants in fresh juice offers significant protection against today’s most common diseases.

What’s the difference in eating fruits and vegetables versus drinking them?  Our body converts the food we eat into juice in order to absorb it.  Juicing allows for quicker absorption of concentrated, high quality nutrition.  Fresh juice is far superior to frozen or bottled juice because it contains living enzymes.  It has not been pasteurized nor contains additives for shelf life.  The fresher the juice the greater the nutrition.

Aim for 5 cups of fresh fruit and vegetable juice a day. For breakfast I have a smoothie with at least 4 fruits.  An afternoon snack of fresh carrot and apple juice is a great pick me up, and starting dinner with vegetable juice fills you up so you eat less.  Each fruit and vegetable offers different nutritional benefits so it’s important to drink a variety.   Certain juices help specific ailments too. For example, juicing cherries is a great benefit for arthritis.  Throw the leftover pulp into soups or return it to the earth in your compost pile.

A vegetable juicer is a good investment.  We’ve had our Acme juicer for over 30 years!   With vegetables so abundant this time of year, fall is the perfect time to make juicing your new healthy habit.  You’ll notice you have more energy too!


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