Recipes for Natural and Organic Hair Rinses

Recipes compiled from

Chamomile Brightener for Blonde Hair


6 organic chamomile tea bags;  1/2 cup plain yogurt;  oil of lavender


Bring one cup of water to boil land steep tea bags for 15 minutes.  Discard teabags.  Combine yogurt and 7 drops of lavender oil with chamomile tea, mix thoroughly.  Apply mixture to dry hair, working through to ends.  Cover head in plastic wrap and condition for 30 minutes.  Shampoo hair.

Natural Brunette Hair Dye


Triple strength black coffee


Shampoo hair.  Place a large bowl in sink and rinse hair with cooled coffee.  Repeat several times, reusing the coffee.  Leave final rinse in hair for at least 15 minutes.  Rinse with clear water.

Red Hair Color Enhancer


1/2 cup beet juice;  1/2 cup carrot juice


Mix ingredients together, pour over clean, damp hair.  Wrap head in plastic and apply hot towel, medium dryer heat, or sit in the sun for one hour.  Shampoo.

Natural Color Restorer for Gray Hair


1/2 cup organic dried sage;  1/4 cup organic dried rosemary


Simmer rosemary and sage in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes, then steep for several hours.  Apply to gray hair and allow to dry, then shampoo.  Repeat weekly until desired shade is reach, then once a month for maintenance.


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