We have the same concerns for our pets about good health, proper nutrition and chemical exposure as we do for ourselves;  they are vulnerable to many of the same illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. As with humans, there are fortunately now many organic products and accessories for pets, as well as alternative therapies like aromatherapy, homeopathy and botanical supplements.  For example, conventional flea control products contain pyrethroids and pesticides, which can cause health problems and cancer risks.  They also pose risks to humans who touch their pet after a treatment.  I sprinkle a yeast and garlic supplement on my dog’s food to repel fleas from the inside out which seems to work with no risk. (Don’t give your pet straight garlic however.)  Flea combs, non-toxic powders, organic sprays and shampoos also work.  Here is a natural, easy-to-do flea spray you can make yourself:

Natural Flea and Tick Repellant

6 drops lavender oil; 6 drops cedar oil; 6 drops peppermint oil; 1 cup witch hazel; Combine all the ingredients and place in a spray bottle. Shake until mixed thoroughly. Shake bottle before using. This does not need to be worked into the skin. The smell will repel fleas and ticks.

Conventional pet food has preservatives, additives with little nutritional benefit, substitutes for more expensive meats, artificial colors, thickeners and sweeteners.  Many of these fillers are contaminants and potentially carcinogenic, but you can find healthier alternatives at most pet stores and supermarkets.

Most dogs spend a lot of time outside on the lawn, rolling around on, digging, and sniffing.  If you are not already doing so, consider switching to organic lawn care instead of conventional which uses unnecessary chemicals and nitrogen based fertilizers, many of which are known carcinogens linked to health problems in children, pets and adults.  Lawns actually use 20 times more pesticides per acre than farms.

Organic bedding, toys and clothing made using organic catnip and organic cotton help to keep your pets healthy and keep our planet free of pollutants.  Bark your dog (and cat) up the right tree!


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  1. i too have become increasingly aware of how potentially lethal conventional products are to our vulnerable pets. Years ago, ( after a friends’ cat died) I began researching the additives in cat litter and what i found was alarming! Our poor cats are not only digging in chemicals but getting them stuck to their paws and licking it off causing blockages in their intestinal tract. I have switched to a 100 percent corn based litter called, The World’s Best Litter. I now know my cats are not at risk every time they use their litter-box.


  2. Posted by amy nachman on April 6, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    My dalmatian with her long ears was very susceptible to ear infections. My vet recommended OtiClens which i used often. Suddenly my dal was walking into walls and mssing the couch while sitting. I feared she had a stroke, and took her to a neurologist.. She had bells palsy probably due to the chemicals in the ear medicine. Since then I have used vets best natual ear cleaner without a problem. Our doggies must avoid chemicals just like us.


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