Image by Wally Gobetz


Most herbs are easy to grow – they attract very few pests and can be somewhat neglected.  They don’t require a lot of space and grow well in most climates.  Many are easily grown in pots indoors or out. Basil, sage, chives, catnip, rosemary and others can be planted in your vegetable garden to attract beneficial predatory insects and act as natural insect pest deterrents.

Besides their well known culinary uses, herbs are super antioxidants with healing properties. Rosemary oil is a common ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products with its rejuvenating effect.  It helps boost memory and can be used for digestive disorders and headaches.  Chamomile is calming and promotes well being.  Chamomile oil is good for insomnia and valuable for skin conditions and irritations. Parsley is highly nutritious, a good source of vitamins and iron, helpful with urinary problems and fluid retention, and is a delicious natural breath freshener.  Oregano oil has strong anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal characteristics.  Thyme is an excellent antiseptic herb for the respiratory system and is used for bronchitis and coughs.  It aids with digestion as well.

Herbs are versatile, easy and fun!


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