Image by M Kasahara - R.I.P. 1999 - 2008

Don’t get rid of those cast iron pans you found in the attic!  They have many benefits!

Cast iron pans are an ideal heat conductor, cooking evenly and consistently and able to withstand high heat.  They perform better than Teflon, and without the health concerns. The chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), or Teflon, is a likely carcinogen according to the EPA. When seasoned properly, cast iron pans are as nonstick as other coated pans.  They go easily from stove to oven, don’t warp and are easy to clean.

Foods cooked in cast iron absorb valuable iron, which the body needs to produce red blood cells.  Cast iron pans are inexpensive and will last several generations.   In fact they get better with age. To season your cast iron pan, brush the surface evenly with a vegetable oil; bake in a 350 degree oven for an hour, then let it cool in the oven.  When washing, use only a mild soap, dry thoroughly, drizzle some oil and wipe with a cloth.

You can find cast iron pans at thrift shops, flea markets or yard sales, but if you want new, Lodge Manufacturing is the leading cast iron cookware company.  Sometimes old fashioned is best and cast iron pans are no exception.


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