About this time of year, we’ve had enough of winter and are anxious to start working on the lawn.  To get that perfect, weed-free golf course look though, requires time, expense and unnecessary chemicals and nitrogen based fertilizers, many of which are known carcinogens and linked to health problems in children, pets and adults.  These chemicals get tracked into our home, seep into our waterways and kill beneficial life in the soil.

Turf grass is our largest irrigated “crop” using as much as half of all fresh water used in urban areas each year.  Lawns use 20 times more pesticides per acre than farms.  You can have a beautiful, lush, safe green lawn without the use of chemicals and actually save money too.  How?

Feed your grass naturally with organic fertilizers or spread a thin layer of compost over the turf.  Throw down some extra seed.  Leave your grass clippings, a natural source of nitrogen, after you mow.  Cornell researchers have shown that mulching leaves on to the lawn in the fall results in faster green up in the spring.  Mow high.  Longer grass encourages longer roots, which require less water and food.  When you water, water deeply and infrequently.  Learn to live with a few weeds, or wild herbs.  Dandelions actually add a bit of color and don’t last long.  Monocultures are not typical in nature and only invite problems. This year, why not treat your lawn the safer way with organics!  Organica makes a great 4-Step Organic Lawn Program.

Let me know what you think!

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